Board of Trustees, Directors and SSCL Volunteers

SSCL Board of Trustees & Directors

Thank you to the individuals who have and continue to serve as Trustees and Board members.  Your time, effort, and resources are greatly appreciated. Effective December 2020, the Board of Directors and Library Trustees are:

President: Carol Fuller

President: Carol Fuller
Vice President: Debbie Harris
Secretary: Susan Henkel
Treasurer: Patricia Curley
Trustee: Felicia Files
Trustee: Constance “Robbie” Pendleton
Trustee: Donna Newell
Limited Term (9 months) Voting Trustee: Emma Gaecklein

Library Director: Patricia Curley

Thank you to our volunteers and donors!

Stockton Springs Community Library is governed and operated by a staff of dedicated volunteers. Currently there are over 30 volunteers helping out at the library on a regular basis in various capacities. The Trustees and Directors, who are also volunteers, would like to thank everyone who has provided such generous support. We appreciate your patronage, donations, volunteerism, and community spirit.

We are looking for new volunteers to work a few hours a month at the front desk as volunteer librarians. You do not need to have any experience. Training is provided. If you would like to join SSCL in a volunteer capacity please stop by the library during open hours, call us at 567-4147, or send an email to

Our monthly Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm and are always open to the public. We’d love to have you join us.

SSCL Volunteer Honorees

From time to time the library singles out volunteers who have made a significant impact during the year(s).

The Volunteer Honorees are:

2019 – Veronica Westbo
2018 – Donna Park
2017- Hester Brooks
2016 – Ruth and Tom Lane
2015 – The Tea Volunteers
2014 – Susan Henkel and Judy O’Neal
2013 – Cathy Melio and Dana Leighton
2013 – Buffy Parker and Spiros Polemis
2012 – Paulina Joyce
2011 – George Tsetsilas
2009 – Robbie Pendleton
2009 – Debbie Harris
2009 – Janice Capano
2008 – Pat Curley
2008 – Hester Brooks
2007 – Becky Ames
2006 – Basil Staples
2006 – Mary Staples
2005 – Ed Colcord
2004 – Peter Richardson
2004 – David Field
2003 – Flora McMannis