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Stockton Springs Community Library hosting a monthly FacebookLive Story Time for children.

Patsy Baldus, local author and former teacher in the Searsport/Stockton Springs, Maine schools, shares a simple craft kids can do at home, reads aloud “Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock” a folk tale retold by Eric A. Kimmel with illustrations by Janet Stevens, and explains how children can write their own Anansi story from start to finish.

The character of Anansi originates from the folklore of West Africa and the Caribbean where he is a prominent figure that plays the role of the ‘trickster’. Typically, Anansi’s deceptive and greedy nature is used to teach a lesson.

Video recorded live on June 20, 2020 in Mary’s Room the children’s reading room, which is dedicated to Mary Staples one of the library’s beloved co-founders. Stockton Springs Community Library is an all volunteer library located in Stockton Springs Maine. Membership is free to anyone from any community.

Join us again next month when Ms. Baldus will share another Story Time online. Details to be announced on the SSCL website and Facebook Page.

Sharing a few of our favorite Maine based children’s books read aloud (from YouTube) including: Lynn Plourde, Chris Van Dusen, Ryan T. Higgins and Mo Willems…

Lynn Plourde

Chris Van Dusen

Ryan T. Higgins and Mo Willems