“Art in the Stacks” artist Betty Schopmeyer

Betty Schopmeyer moved to Maine from the Wash, D.C. area in 2001. Her painting life began in 2013, after retiring from a long career as a speech pathologist, followed by a second career of 11 years at the Penobscot Marine Museum, as grants writer and education director. 

“I began to take classes in Color Theory from master teacher, Kris Engman, to whom I owe a great deal. Color Theory was an eye opener, in so many ways.

In 2018, a group of fellow artists and I opened Local Color Gallery, in Belfast, Maine, an exciting step in my journey as an artist. Art has been a source of discovery and delight! And, it continues…I have learned that as painters we never arrive, we just keep experimenting, taking classes, practicing and most of all looking and seeing the world in new ways.”

Betty Schopmeyer

Stockton Springs Community Library (SSCL) is please to be partnering with Betty Schopmeyer in presenting her work at the upcoming “Art in the Stacks” event, which is to be held during SSCL’s open hours: Monday and Wednesday 3-5; Tuesday 4-7; Thursday 9-12 and 6:30-8:30; and Saturday 9-3 from September 3 through October 8. For more information contact the library at 207-567-4147.

Stockton Springs Community Library to offer “Art in the Stacks” September 8 through October 31

REVISED: Date extended to October 31 due to popularity. As art is sold the artists are providing additional new works to take their place. Come visit often!

Stockton Springs Community Library (SSCL) is pleased to offer “Art in the Stacks” at the library from September 8 through October 31, 2020. The art show and sale will feature multiple works by local artists Judy Belasco, Sarah Faragher, Scott Moore, Betty Schopmeyer, Anne Spencer and Peter Walls.

All of the artwork, displayed among the book stacks, will be available for purchase from the artists. The library will earn a gallery commission for each piece sold, which will go into the SSCL Library Endowment Fund. The library would prefer checks only, payable to SSCL (Stockton Springs Community Library). The endowment fund, which is managed by the Maine Community Foundation since 2015, was established in 2013 to ensure that a free community library will remain open in Stockton Springs for future generations to enjoy.

Those who have attended the past six SSCL Pie and Art Festivals will already know these artists and their work. For those who don’t, or want a refresh, SSCL will feature one artist each day on its blog and Facebook page leading up to the opening.

“Art in the Stacks” will be available to the public during the library’s open hours: Monday and Wednesday 3-5; Tuesday 4-7; Thursday 9-12 and 6:30-8:30; and Saturday 9-3 from September 3 through October 31.

Stockton Springs Community Library is an all volunteer 501(c)3 library located in Stockton Springs, Maine. Membership is free to anyone from any community. Call us at 207-567-4147 if you have any questions.